Cannabis Chocolate

Many scientists and chefs think that cannabis chocolate is an ideal pairing. This is due to the two sharing chemical cousins and chocolate being perfect for masking the hash flavours. The two chemicals are anandamide and THC, which affect appetite, mood and pain perception.

The most famous molecule in cannabis is THC, which fits into cannabinoid receptors in the body, causing medical and psychoactive effects. A lipid found in chocolate named Anandamide is nearly identical chemically to THC and brings a mild high. When the two chemicals come together, they inhibit with the breakdown of cannabanoids, resulting in them staying in their system longer and enhancing the effects.

The above means that the chocolates are ideal for a greater, longer lasting high. It is also a better way of ingesting cannabis as it tastes of mainly chocolate; some companies add flavouring to it though such as ginger and dark chocolate, or vanilla chai milk chocolate.

There are many reasons why people choose to eat cannabis chocolate. Whether it be for medicinal or recreational use, people seek it for its pain relieving properties and/or for the psychoactive effects. It has been known to ease symptoms of cancer, and other debilitating diseases such as Crohn's disease.

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